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bardosy 23.05.2006 13:56

Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
Hi, I'm working on a Bundeswehr campaign. And I need help in beta testing and german voiceover. If you are interested in fighting with BWMod against RHS Russians on Freya island; Or you (and/or your OFP clan) want help me with your german voice, please read the detailed information about this campaign in the official OFP forum.



SWAT 23.05.2006 15:25

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
Hi there... it´s good to see that even english speaking people registrate in our forums.

My time is very restricted at the moment. But it should be no problem to find some german voice actors or beta testers here.

Good luck:)

bardosy 23.05.2006 15:34

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
Thanks SWAT! Really I'm not an English speaking guy, but - sorry - I don't speak German. I hope a german OFP player have more motivation to play with a BW campaign... :daumen:

SWAT 23.05.2006 15:39

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
If you don´t find one, PM me. Maybe i find some time to help you

yellowman 23.05.2006 22:09

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)

sounds good what you plan to do... :daumen:

i would help you as an german voiceover :D and if you want in beta testing too

Berliner19 23.05.2006 22:29

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
hmm sounds very good bardosy

i would be an honor for me to be a voiceover for your campaign, and beta tester i always will do.

bardosy 24.05.2006 10:35

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
Thanks SWAT, yellowman, Berliner!

Please download the current version of campaign (bellow) and the needed Addons. Then try to play with it and please send me (or post here) a comment about every mission (bugs, problems, advice, anything).

I made a beta testing topic for this campaign at official OFP forum, but if you volunteer to beta testing (and voice over) than I restarted that topic here:

================================================== =======

I'm working on a new bundeswehr campaign. This is a second part of Yankie Stalker campaign, but in this you'll fight with german weapons and mates.

Now 9 missions are completed and I want start the beta mission phase, if anybody help me. I need beta testers, who play with this campaign and send me comments and bugs about the missions.

DOWNLOAD the campaign (9Mb)

* *
* FREI FREYA (Bundeswehr Campaign) *
* *

This is an Operation Flashpoint campaign. NATO side (German Army). On Freya Island.

OFP 1.96
BWMod, RHS mod, Freya Island, SFM Ural Pack

This is the second part of Yankie Stalker campaign. When that stoy ended, this story started.
Freya is a divided island near to Norway. Both superpower conquered a part of them after WWII and used it as a submarine base. The people of Freya - in both Zone - fight against the conquerors. Finally the US government decide to leave this island, but they didn't want to give the whole island tho USSR. The US authorities took a referendum in South Freya: Witch NATO country defend this part from the Russians? The people choose: West-Germany, because they was in same situation (divided country, conquered by the superpowers).
The story begun... Sergeant Heinrich Schwartz arrived to this island...

* Nice addons: BWMod and RHS Russians
* Intro/Outro, Cutscenes...
* "Awful german pop music...." (Laahustaja) :)))
* Small tactical adventures and huge, gigantic battles.
* Cold/hot wartimes feeling...

BWMod: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/bwmod/downloads.php
RHS mod: http://redhammerstudios.com/
Freya Island: ftp://ftp.gamepark.cz/ofpd/unofaddons2/freya.zip
SFM Ural pack: ftp://www.gamezone.cz/ofpd/unofaddons2/SFM_URALS.rar

bardosy 24.05.2006 10:38

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
The site of RedHammerStudio is currently down... :( But you can download the RHS addons from here:

RHS Weap (ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/_hos...Weap_v1.01.rar)
RHS Naval (ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/_hos...aval_v1.00.rar)
RHS GRU (ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/unof...Pack_v1.00.rar)
RHS crew (http://operationflashpoint.filefront...rew_Pack;38475)
RHS T80 (http://operationflashpoint.filefront...ank_Pack;51223)

SWAT 24.05.2006 15:24

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)

Zitat von bardosy
* "Awful german pop music...." (Laahustaja) :)))

OMG! Please, don´t let it be a german casting band/singer :confused:

Berliner19 24.05.2006 15:30

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
it´s no pop music. Iam in the second mission an all the music that i heard was "die ärtzte" a german punk rock band. But it can be that the pop music comes soon. I hope not

yellowman 24.05.2006 16:08

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
currently downloading...
better use "Rammstein" as music :naugthy:

bardosy 25.05.2006 09:10

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
SWAT, Berliner,

sorry for this line in Features! It's just a kidding. I love Artzte and Totenhosen... And later there will be some Böhze Onkelz too. This line is quoted, because an early beta tester wrote this. I will change this line in the final relase. :D

Berliner, have you any comment for the firs two missions?

SWAT 25.05.2006 12:53

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
Ok. I can hear nearly every kind of music... but please, not anything of Dieter Bohlen or Brosis;)

at moment i have still no time for testing. Maybe friday...

bardosy 25.05.2006 14:11

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
I promise: I never use these popmusic... :daumen:

And thanks if you start play in friday.

Berliner19 25.05.2006 22:30

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
i doesent see bugs or problems in the first 2 misions.

yellowman 26.05.2006 14:05

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
i only saw some mistakes in German sentences ;)

and why you dont use the sidechat for the radio.... :confused:

bardosy 29.05.2006 10:23

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
Yellowman: please send me the corrections of mistakes in German sentences. I want correct them!

Early I used the radioChat, but I think it was a little bit confused. Now I use every information in titletext.

bardosy 29.05.2006 14:11

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
Anybody know something about BWMOD_takt.pbo? What's this?
I listed it in the needed addons, but some beta tester said in the BWMod site there is no this file.

SWAT 29.05.2006 16:08

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)

Zitat von bardosy
Anybody know something about BWMOD_takt.pbo? What's this?
I listed it in the needed addons, but some beta tester said in the BWMod site there is no this file.

I don´t have this addon in my folder. So i suppose it is an old one which is not longer needed

Serclaes 29.05.2006 23:45

AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)
It is. You will find it in a old Wiesel pack, but i cant tell which.
For the music: please stick with Die Ärzte or Totenhosen. Böhse Onkelz is not a good choice ;)

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