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03.07.2015, 19:58
***DayZ Server "Selection Z"***
Deutsch-Englische Community!



Launching Parameter (Dayz Commander):

online seit Anfang Juli!

Map: Chernarus

Single Coin with Bank system
Advanced trading/ fast trading
ESS-spawn (select your spawn point + halo spawn + select class)
Plot pole management (50m)
Plot buff Zombie Free Bases;
Plot poles do not despawn (only if you forget to maintain)
Door manager (eye scan)
Safe manager Player who are added to a plot pole are able to open all Safes in their plot pole area without typing in a code!
Deploy bike and mozzie
DZGM - DayZ Group Management (shows name of team mates on map)
God mode for locked cars in plot areas
Indestructible base parts
Hemp farms
Suicide with animation
Snap Building Pro & Build vectors
Bank robbery (once per restart)
No kill messages
No Nameplates
No weight limit
Color effects
Wind effect
AI mission system & AI Cities
Custom traderzones
Self bloodbag
Flip vehicle
Take clothes
better tow vehicle script & heli lift option!
Service points at fuelpumps (refule/repair/rearm vehicles)
and more…

welcome present bis 4. August
Mehr Infos: www.selectionZ.enjin.com