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07.09.2010, 10:37
Hallo zusammen,

bin auf der Suche nach der Seite OFPNAM :komisch:

Weiß jemand was genaueres ?

Grüße stiefel

07.09.2010, 10:53
Macht den Anschein, dass die Seite abgeschaltet wurde...

King Homer
07.09.2010, 13:59
Internet Archive Wayback Machine (http://web.archive.org/web/*/ofpnam.com)

08.09.2010, 16:40
Wer funktionierende Downloadlinks für OFP/ArmA Mods/Addons sucht, wird >hier< (http://www.armapoint.com/viewpage.php?page_id=217) bestens bedient.
Ist zwar Portugiesisch aber die Namen sind ja bekannt ;)

10.09.2010, 18:45
Good news and bad news.

First the sites provider took a hit. We took a head shot and went down hard (not getting up). Our site has been blown away. Goodnews is R1 is final just getting our ftp up again so we can do one more internal run through then it's out the door, no dates but it will happen very very soon. estimates on R1 size before compression is 1.8 gigs, so there is alot of "stuff" you'll be able to kill, blow up, tryout and have some fun with. the release will be distributed to the usual sites whilst we get ours back up. we wont hold off release while re rebuild the site.

Sorry for the delay guys but stuff happens.


24.09.2010, 15:03
Hallo zusammen,

Zur Info

ofpnam ist jetzt ARMANAM - Armed Assault Website Dedicated to the Vietnam Conflict (http://www.armanam.com/) :D

im Aufbau......