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23.05.2006, 12:56
Hi, I'm working on a Bundeswehr campaign. And I need help in beta testing and german voiceover. If you are interested in fighting with BWMod against RHS Russians on Freya island; Or you (and/or your OFP clan) want help me with your german voice, please read the detailed information about this campaign in the official OFP forum (http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi?;act=ST;f=7;t=52149).



23.05.2006, 14:25
Hi there... it´s good to see that even english speaking people registrate in our forums.

My time is very restricted at the moment. But it should be no problem to find some german voice actors or beta testers here.

Good luck:)

23.05.2006, 14:34
Thanks SWAT! Really I'm not an English speaking guy, but - sorry - I don't speak German. I hope a german OFP player have more motivation to play with a BW campaign... :daumen:

23.05.2006, 14:39
If you don´t find one, PM me. Maybe i find some time to help you

23.05.2006, 21:09

sounds good what you plan to do... :daumen:

i would help you as an german voiceover :D and if you want in beta testing too

23.05.2006, 21:29
hmm sounds very good bardosy

i would be an honor for me to be a voiceover for your campaign, and beta tester i always will do.

24.05.2006, 09:35
Thanks SWAT, yellowman, Berliner!

Please download the current version of campaign (bellow) and the needed Addons. Then try to play with it and please send me (or post here) a comment about every mission (bugs, problems, advice, anything).

I made a beta testing topic for this campaign at official OFP forum, but if you volunteer to beta testing (and voice over) than I restarted that topic here:

================================================== =======

I'm working on a new bundeswehr campaign. This is a second part of Yankie Stalker campaign (http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi?;act=ST;f=55;t=49414;hl=yankie+stalk er), but in this you'll fight with german weapons and mates.

Now 9 missions are completed and I want start the beta mission phase, if anybody help me. I need beta testers, who play with this campaign and send me comments and bugs about the missions.

DOWNLOAD (http://lacko.pcdome.hu/Opflash/FreiFreyaBW.zip) the campaign (9Mb)

* *
* FREI FREYA (Bundeswehr Campaign) *
* *

This is an Operation Flashpoint campaign. NATO side (German Army). On Freya Island.

OFP 1.96
BWMod, RHS mod, Freya Island, SFM Ural Pack

This is the second part of Yankie Stalker campaign. When that stoy ended, this story started.
Freya is a divided island near to Norway. Both superpower conquered a part of them after WWII and used it as a submarine base. The people of Freya - in both Zone - fight against the conquerors. Finally the US government decide to leave this island, but they didn't want to give the whole island tho USSR. The US authorities took a referendum in South Freya: Witch NATO country defend this part from the Russians? The people choose: West-Germany, because they was in same situation (divided country, conquered by the superpowers).
The story begun... Sergeant Heinrich Schwartz arrived to this island...

* Nice addons: BWMod and RHS Russians
* Intro/Outro, Cutscenes...
* "Awful german pop music...." (Laahustaja) :)))
* Small tactical adventures and huge, gigantic battles.
* Cold/hot wartimes feeling...

BWMod: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/bwmod/downloads.php
RHS mod: http://redhammerstudios.com/
Freya Island: ftp://ftp.gamepark.cz/ofpd/unofaddons2/freya.zip
SFM Ural pack: ftp://www.gamezone.cz/ofpd/unofaddons2/SFM_URALS.rar

24.05.2006, 09:38
The site of RedHammerStudio is currently down... :( But you can download the RHS addons from here:

RHS Weap (ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/_hosted/mapfact/rhs/RHS_Weap_v1.01.rar)
RHS Naval (ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/_hosted/mapfact/rhs/RHS_Naval_v1.00.rar)
RHS GRU (ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/unofaddons2/RHS_GRUPack_v1.00.rar)
RHS crew (http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/RHS_Crew_Pack;38475)
RHS T80 (http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/RHS_T80_Main_Battle_Tank_Pack;51223)

24.05.2006, 14:24
* "Awful german pop music...." (Laahustaja) :)))

OMG! Please, don´t let it be a german casting band/singer :confused:

24.05.2006, 14:30
it´s no pop music. Iam in the second mission an all the music that i heard was "die ärtzte" a german punk rock band. But it can be that the pop music comes soon. I hope not

24.05.2006, 15:08
currently downloading...
better use "Rammstein" as music :naugthy:

25.05.2006, 08:10
SWAT, Berliner,

sorry for this line in Features! It's just a kidding. I love Artzte and Totenhosen... And later there will be some Böhze Onkelz too. This line is quoted, because an early beta tester wrote this. I will change this line in the final relase. :D

Berliner, have you any comment for the firs two missions?

25.05.2006, 11:53
Ok. I can hear nearly every kind of music... but please, not anything of Dieter Bohlen or Brosis;)

at moment i have still no time for testing. Maybe friday...

25.05.2006, 13:11
I promise: I never use these popmusic... :daumen:

And thanks if you start play in friday.

25.05.2006, 21:30
i doesent see bugs or problems in the first 2 misions.

26.05.2006, 13:05
i only saw some mistakes in German sentences ;)

and why you dont use the sidechat for the radio.... :confused:

29.05.2006, 09:23
Yellowman: please send me the corrections of mistakes in German sentences. I want correct them!

Early I used the radioChat, but I think it was a little bit confused. Now I use every information in titletext.

29.05.2006, 13:11
Anybody know something about BWMOD_takt.pbo? What's this?
I listed it in the needed addons, but some beta tester said in the BWMod site there is no this file.

29.05.2006, 15:08
Anybody know something about BWMOD_takt.pbo? What's this?
I listed it in the needed addons, but some beta tester said in the BWMod site there is no this file.

I don´t have this addon in my folder. So i suppose it is an old one which is not longer needed

29.05.2006, 22:45
It is. You will find it in a old Wiesel pack, but i cant tell which.
For the music: please stick with Die Ärzte or Totenhosen. Böhse Onkelz is not a good choice ;)

30.05.2006, 11:55
Böhse Onkelz is not a good choice ;)

Is it serious?

30.05.2006, 13:29
Is it serious?

No. http://foren.hx3.de/images/icons/icon2.gif

However, you should think again before including copyrighted material, like music, in a campaign.

30.05.2006, 17:32
ok i think in Mission one were you came in the village and get out the civilians have to say
"Willkommen deutsche Soldaten." and later when you patrol "Kameradschaft kann man nicht kaufen."
what dose "Rück-kampfer" mean (name of Mission 4 or 5)

31.05.2006, 08:02
Terpentin: It's a very deep topic (copyright). I read a lot about this (what music in OFP missions) and I think it's very difficult.
Finally, I think: I never get money from this campaign, but I paid and will pay a lot to ArtisJust :schlagen: and any other bloody organisation and I hope they paid to Böhze Onkeltz.

Yellowman: Thanks! I think the civilian in Freya not speak very well in german... But 'kaufen' and 'Kampfer' is great. Thanks.
Rück-Kampfer is WWII word. Staff of Hitler didn't want use word 'retreat' or 'escape' or 'refugee' and they involve this new word for the same thing.

31.05.2006, 21:28
Rück-Kampfer is WWII word. Staff of Hitler didn't want use word 'retreat' or 'escape' or 'refugee' and they involve this new word for the same thing.
Does it refer to foreign country troops fighting under german flag only? Then the word would be Hiwi (from "Hilfswillige").
Music is ok, id say everythings alright as long as you don´t choose to play the numa numa song :kotz:

Tried the campaign today but the first mission went back to intro due to missing lsr_r109.pbo which i cant seem to refind..

01.06.2006, 08:20
Yellowman, Berliner19 and one other guy, who can help me!

Let's start doing the voice acting!
Really I need 3 voices for the first mission, but if you are only 2 it will be enough.

Yellowman, Berliner19, choose an acting role and please speak up (in German) to a wav or mp3 or ogg file! Thanks a lot for your work!

The forst mission's textbook:

Actor1 "- Hurry Schwartzy! Blond freyan girls wait for you..."

Actor1,"- How are you in Freya, Ludwig?"
Actor2,"- Nice country, but the food is very similar to American rations."
Actor1,"- Hey, this IS a US ration. Not freyan food. The GIs left behind."
Actor2,"- Ops, sorry. I didn't know that..."
Actor1,"- Why we patrol around the countyside?"
Actor3,"- `cause, this is our job."
Actor1,"- But there are terrorist or something?"
Actor3,"- I don't think so. We just show our uniform to the civilians..."

Actor1,"- Hello Freya!"
Actor2,"- I told you Heinrich... Nice country."

Actor2,"- Hey Hans, why did you join the Army?"
Actor1,"- You know... the advertising..."
Actor2,"- Advertising?"
Actor1,"- Yeah: 'Kameradschaft kann man nicht kaufen'"
Actor2,"- You're fool... He-he-he."
Actor1,"- And you? Why did you join us? For glory?"
Actor2,"- Not at all. Just for fun."
Actor1,"- Fun?"
Actor2,"- You know, my parents are factory owner and they want see me in the factory's office."
Actor1,"- I want to be in your shoes!"
Actor2,"- Oh it's very bored. It's a bloody shoe factory..."

Actor1,"- How do you know Leutanent, the civilian will not attack us?"
Actor3,"- I don't know... I only hope it."
Actor1,"- Only hope...? Brrr... Keep watch!"
Actor3,"- They choose us, fool!"

Actor2,"- Nice birdsong, isn't it?"
Actor1,"- What??? Are you some bloody ornitologist?"

Actor3,"- Sgt Schwartz, check that tents!!!"

02.06.2006, 21:46
Translation (free and debatable):

Actor 1 : Schneller Schwartzy. Auf Freya warten auch Blondinen!

Actor 1 : Wie findest du Freya, Ludwig?
Actor 2 : Schöne Insel aber das Essen schmeckt wie bei den Ammis.
Actor 1 : Liegt vielleicht daran das wir amerikanische Feldrationen essen.
Actor 2 : Ups! Hab ich wohl übersehen...

Actor 1 : Wieso patrouillieren wir eigentlich in jeder Ecke der Insel?
Actor 3 : Weil wir dafür bezahlt werden.
Actor 1 : Aber Terroristen sind hier nicht?
Actor 3 : Nein, wir zeigen uns nur den Zivilisten hier in Uniform.

Actor 1 : Hallo Freya!
Actor 2 : Ich hab's dir doch gesagt Heinrich... Ein schönes Land.

Actor 2 : Hey Hans! Wieso hast du dich verpflichtet?
Actor 1 : Ach weist du, die Werbung und so...
Actor 2 : Werbung?
Actor 1 : Ja, weist schon "Kameradschaft kann man nicht kaufen" und so...
Actor 2 : Du bist verrückt... He He He
Actor 1 : Und du? Wieso hast du dich verpflichtet? Für Ruhm und Ehre?
Actor 2 : Ne überhaupt nicht. Aus Spaß.
Actor 1 : Spaß?
Actor 2 : Ja, weist du, meine Eltern besitzen eine Fabrik und wollen das ich dort im Büro arbeite.
Actor 1 : Man das würde ich auch gerne...
Actor 2 : Oh man, stinklangweilig. Es is'ne verdammte Schuhfabrik...

Actor 1 : Herr Leutnant? Woher wissen sie das die uns nicht angreifen?
Actor 3 : Ich weis es nicht... ich hoffe es...
Actor 1 : Sie hoffen es? Oh man.. Augen auf Leute...
Actor 3 : I didnt understand that or cant translate it correctly.

Actor 2 : Die Vögel singen ein schönes Lied oder?
Actor 1 : Was zum? Sind sie ein verdammter Ornithologe?

Actor 3 : Feldwebel Schwartz, überprüfen sie die Zelte!

I could make you a voice acting too if you want... ;)

03.06.2006, 04:02
I would change the names of Hans and Ludwig and so on. No german soldier in the age of 20-30 has one of this names.
Try newer names like Olliver, Jens, Christian, Phillip, Marco, Kevin and so on...

Hans or Ludwig sounds like WW2 Style.

By the way... in what year does this campaign play?

06.06.2006, 10:28
Serclaes: Thanks the translation. It would be superb if you voice acting. Please choose an actor and make the wav or ogg or mp3 files. Thanks a lot!

SWAT: The time is critical, because this is a caldwar story (USSR and West-Germany), but the BW units are modern. So I want a cald war (1980s) feeling...

06.06.2006, 13:05
BIG Problem in your story... BW soldiers had no camo uniforms in the 80´. And no G36.

06.06.2006, 13:39
Yes, yes. I know it... But I like the coldwar stories in OFP and I have no coldwar BW mod... :)
I like the no-camo BW uniforms. I use the darkgreen trosers for biking. :daumen:

07.06.2006, 21:27
Ehm mate... I think this needs a bit more organisation to clarify some things :D
If you need 3 different actors and you have (i know that 4 from this forum want to do voice acting and i know 2 from Bw-Mod) 6 People, i would say there is a bit of a personnel exceeding, not? ^^
So i would ask to tell everybody his exact role. :)

08.06.2006, 08:02
Yes, you're right! For a voice acting procedure needs a better organization, but I have a little excuse: for these six people only one send me wav files (metalchris from BWMod). I hope Clausewitz also will send me these files about the first mission and then this (1st mission) is done.

Now I sent to metalchris to the new textbook (about the next mission) and I mark the lines for him. And I will send it to you in PM. It's OK?

Have you any idea for organizing better this procedure? I need now every goog idea.

08.06.2006, 15:26
Ok got your PM with the next Mission Textbook. So you want me to speak the whole actor 2 parts in mission 1, 2 and following? Ok. I'll do it. But i'm in lack of time for now. I think i will be done with them around the 16th or 17th of this month.
I would suggest everybody speaking a part should add a Readme with following content (example):

English: "Hurry Schwartzy! Blond freyan girls wait for you..."
German: "Schneller Schwartzy. Auf Freya warten auch Blondinen!"
Filename: a1_m1_1.wav

The filename is composed of the actors number (here a1), the number of the mission (here m1) and if its the first, second third and so on reply of that actor.