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Gelöschter Benutzer
20.08.2005, 20:22

The OFPcenter is proudly to announced a big interview with Operation in the Falklands Mod.

So we want to include the Community in these interview, therefore we need your Questions about the Mod.
We want to collect as much as possible Question about the Mod.

So we give a little simulation for your Questions:

http://www.hx3.de/screenshots/184/15378.jpg (http://www.hx3.de/screenshots/184/15377.jpg) http://www.hx3.de/screenshots/184/15380.jpg (http://www.hx3.de/screenshots/184/15379.jpg)

http://www.hx3.de/screenshots/184/15382.jpg (http://www.hx3.de/screenshots/184/15381.jpg) http://www.hx3.de/screenshots/184/15384.jpg (http://www.hx3.de/screenshots/184/15383.jpg)

http://www.hx3.de/screenshots/184/15386.jpg (http://www.hx3.de/screenshots/184/15385.jpg) http://www.hx3.de/screenshots/184/15388.jpg (http://www.hx3.de/screenshots/184/15387.jpg)

http://www.hx3.de/screenshots/184/15390.jpg (http://www.hx3.de/screenshots/184/1589.jpg)

Or get more informations from the Mod Site, here (http://www.flashpoint1982.co.uk/)

But please read the rules:

any kind of Releasedate Questions aren't allowed
It isn't garantee that all Question will be answered by the Mod.
It's the Mods decision.

Have fun

20.08.2005, 20:41
Okay, at the moment I have only one question. How would the campaign be playable, only as one person or as different persons just like CWC? I mean, would you take part only in the Infantery or also in the Airforce for example?