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Marscl 06.04.2015 01:19

Squad (2016)
Welcome to Squad.


YouTube Video


Squad is an online, team-based military themed first-person-shooter where high levels of teamwork and communication are crucial to success.

Built from the ground up in the Unreal Engine 4, Squad pits teams of up to 50 people each against each other in intense modern day combined-arms combat scenarios, both conventional and unconventional.

The flow of the game is dictated by the players with base-building, intuitive squad command and management tools and large-scale warfare where strategy and leadership are just as important as a quick trigger finger.

Join us at http://www.joinsquad.com for extensive coverage of the last year's worth of development, and jump into our forums to interact directly with the Dev Team. We've been reading and connecting with everyone in the forums for a year, and hope to see you join us in the conversations today.

Below are some of the features that we have and are planning to add into the game.

IMMERSIVE, REALISTIC COMBAT. With advice from former and current service personnel, we aim to deliver a completely immersive combat experience like no other.

ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL. The base unit of Squad is not the individual, but the 9-man squad. Gameplay systems honed over years of experience with the Project Reality series draw the focus away from the lone-wolf player and much more on the cooperation with other members of your squad.

OPEN, EXPANSIVE LEVELS. Most of our maps will come directly or be heavily inspired from real world locations through Geographic Information Systems (GIS) satellite data, where authenticity and total tactical freedom to roam will always be part of the game.

MASSIVE 100 PLAYER SERVERS. 50 on 50, in countless squad combinations, all vying for control over an expansive battlefield.

SCALABILITY. Squad can be enjoyed on a much smaller scale with more concentrated fighting areas and tighter player counts, but still offers the freedom, tactical maneuverability and opportunities for team-play that are the hallmarks of the game.

KIT ROLE SYSTEM, be it a machine gunner, sniper, grenadier, APC-crewman, helicopter pilot, squad-leadership, construction engineer, medic, forward observer or even a plain old rifleman, every role has a part to play in the battle. This clear division of responsibilities greatly helps the experience as no one soldier can possibly do the job of an entire army. Personal progression is not measured by how shiny your weapon is, but how flexible you are in mastering all the different battlefield professions.

PLAYER-DRIVEN SPAWN-POINT AND BASE-BUILDING, which makes the front-lines of every match a unique experience. Players who prefer to construct rather than destruct have the capability to build fortifications and strong points for the team, and often play as important if not greater role than the ones doing the shooting.

LOGISTICS AND RESUPPLY SYSTEM, realised through your team's network of player-placed Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and Rally Points (RPs) to support your front-lines. Whether its ensuring a clear path between your main base and your forward bases, or risking the gauntlet and delivering supplies by helicopter or truck, a supply system controls what weapons are available at your Forward Operating Bases, and even how much you can fortify your spawn points. Defending friendly and eliminating enemy Supply Lines, FOBs and RPs become just as important as putting troops into the Objective Zones on the map.

COMBINED ARMS WARFARE. Join a tank crew, be an unstoppable force in a CAS helicopter with your co-pilot or even run logistics and build fortifications, there are many ways to make your mark on the battlefield. From grunts to motorcycles to APCs to attack helicopters and everything in between, we offer gameplay systems that make multilayered teamwork enjoyable and rewarding without the need to join private communities.

REAL WORLD CURRENT TIME PERIOD FACTIONS, including regular and irregular forces. Meaning the inclusion of realistic tactics, weapons, accouterments, load-outs, vehicles, sounds and sights of war using highly accurate modelling accrued from our military advisors as well as years of experimentation and experience in the modding scene.

BALLISTICS AND SIGHTS. Server side, simulated Newtonian physics with our custom physics engine code. From small arms to grenade launchers, mounted machine guns to dumb-fire rockets, we aim to have working sights that significantly up the level of immersion when it comes to firing your weapon.

SIMULATED DAMAGE MODELS. Server side damage system where being shot means you're not going to be sprinting until treated by a medic, and a direct shot to your wheels means you're not going to be moving around until field repairs have been made.

INTEGRATED POSITIONAL VOIP COMMUNICATION, no need for third party programs, we're using the most effective codecs in-game. Speaking to other squad leaders across the map, or even the man next to you couldn't be easier.

ALL THE TOOLS NEEDED FOR INTRA-SQUAD AND INTER-SQUAD COMMUNICATION built into the game. In the last ten years, the industry has moved away from providing proper command and communication features available out of the box. Squad will fix this.

TRUE FIRST PERSON CHARACTERS. (aka ‘body awareness’) character models, there won’t be walking gunheads here. Your first person movements will be the exact same as seen by other players in third person. There are no rigged 1P arms for your on screen infantry character, the entire character body is modeled and viewable at all times.

A MEDICAL SYSTEM REFINED through 10 years of gameplay history. A revival system balanced to make medics and casualty evacuation an extremely critical part of the game, and with features like dragging coming to Squad, saving your buddy in the midst of battle is an experience like no other.

ASSAULT AND SECURE, an objective zone based game mode that promotes a defined 'front-line' style of combat. The objectives also are regenerated every round, so no two sessions will ever play the same. We plan to have many more game modes to come!

ADMINS SPECTATOR MODES AND OVERVIEW PANELS to allow administration teams the tools required to own, operate, and oversee their servers.

REFINED MACHINIMA/FILMING TOOLS designed by film enthusiasts for ease of use, to allow for high quality machinima or gameplay videos.

SUPPORT FOR MODDERS AND MISSION DESIGNERS FROM DAY ONE of retail release. The Squad developers are paying it forward and will provide reference and frameworks for hobbyist modders and mission creators, and paid commissions for qualified mod teams.

SUPPORT FOR TEAM TOURNAMENTS AND LADDERS. Both large scale 50v50 matches for public and clan ladders, and 5v5 and 8v8 on specifically designed smaller maps, allowing tournaments that can take full advantage of the Unreal Engine 4 framework, animations, weapons and ballistics systems to challenge the competitive FPS standard for the last several years.

A DEVELOPMENT PROCESS OPEN TO EARLY BACKERS having direct access to the Dev Team during testing sessions and monthly live-streams. This was a mainstay of our decade of modding, and we're adding live-streaming to show off the process as we go, and will continue to be a way for the community to get direct access to the game as it develops and evolves, and for the Devs to get in the trenches and have some fun and get feedback on the gameplay as we implement and test planned features.

weitere Infos:
Steam Greenlight :: Squad

weitere Videos:

Duke49th 10.04.2015 19:18

Sieht schon nice aus. Mal sehen wie groß die Karten sind und wie es mit anderen Waffen aussieht.

Edit: ahhh...


What size will the maps be?

During our earlier releases we plan to have maps that are between 1 and 2 kilometers squared in size, largely because of technical and resource limitations.

As we progress futher into development we plan to support a wider range of map sizes, ideally up to 4-6 and possibly even up to 8 kilometers squared.

That said, bigger maps can be much more challenging to make work gameplay wise. In recognition of this we plan to use a good deal of care with how we implement bigger maps to ensure gameplay still works properly.

In the long term we plan to always have maps of all different sizes, allowing server admins to choose the kind of maps they wish to run.
War mir fast klar. Die Unreal Engine ist nicht auf große Karten ausgelegt. Leider.

Marscl 15.04.2015 16:33

Squad - Grünes Licht auf Steam für das Spiel der Project-Reality-Modder - News - GameStar.de

Marscl 09.05.2015 15:23

YouTube Video


MrCharles 10.05.2015 14:47

Hoffentlich ist das noch ne richtige Alpha und keine "Pre-Alpha für Vorbesteller" :ugly:

Marscl 12.05.2015 14:10

Squad - Fakten & Gameplay zum 50-vs-50-Shooter der Project-Reality-Macher - Spiele-Special - GameStar.de

flickflack 13.05.2015 06:55

Auf die Maps bin ich mal noch gespannt. Die finde ich besonders auf Entfernung typisch UE-arm. Wenn man Ressourcen anliefern muss (CTI anyone?), dann sind 2km² Maps ein bissel klein, wat? Naja ich beobachte, aber ich glaube nicht, dass das Spiel irgendwas wirklich neues kann und/oder machen will. Ich les da bis jetzt A³/CTI/ACE/ACRE mit der UE :trill:

... okay, nen RO² in modern wäre nicht schlecht und größer als Insurgency schön.

JumpingHubert 14.05.2015 13:35

jop die UE baut grafisch bereits auf mittlere Entfernung dermaßen ab....wobei ich in der Anfangszeit ein ziemlicher ProjectReality-Suchti war. Hatten so geniale Maps, ich sach nur Muttrah City..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB027Hjhcrg

Marscl 21.05.2015 12:09

Squad - »Project Reality«-Nachfolger rekrutiert auf Kickstarter - News - GameStar.de


Marscl 27.05.2015 13:33

ab sofort kann man Squad bei Kickstarter "backen"... Ich verzichte allerdings noch, bisher konnte mich das gezeigte noch nicht wirklich überzeugen :nixweiss: Das Helikopter und Fast Ropes erst bei 1 Mio US $ kommen sollen finde ich auch bisschen frech.

Xeno 30.05.2015 17:30

Ist das das hier?

PR 1.3 Standalone is out! - Discussion - Squad Forums

Oder wat?

Nää oda? Dat is PR 1.3 Standalone... Ich bin verwirrt...

Also is Project Reality 1.3 Standalone MIT BF2 da BF2 nicht mehr von EA verkauft wird ham se ein Standalone draus gemacht: "Therefore, with PR:BF2 v1.3, it is no longer a requirement to have Battlefield 2 installed."

Also nix Squad.


Marscl 30.05.2015 19:12

Nope, Squad ist das eigenständige Spiel der PR-Mod-Macher :)

ApoTTCC 30.05.2015 21:54

Sind auch zwei verschiedene Engines.

Battlefield 2 > Refractor Engine 2.0

Squad > Unreal Engine 4

burns 31.05.2015 00:56

Das allerbeste BF war Bf2free, weil der Medic da standarmäßig nen MG3 hatte!!!

Gott was hab ich damit gerult :uglydance: :woo:

JumpingHubert 31.05.2015 23:56

hoffentlich verkacken die nicht den Sound. Spielemechanikmäßig mache ich mir hingegen keine Sorgen.

Pfandgiraffe 01.06.2015 15:09

Naja die Spielemechanik ist eben auf PvP ausgelegt und schon sehr dicht an normale Egoshooter angelehnt. (siehe z.B. die schnellen Bewegungen in den Gameplay Videos)

Das soll natürlich keine Abwertung sein. Wie dem auch sei, hat jemand Interesse daran gemeinsam das 100$ Kitt zu kaufen/funden? Dafür gibt es 2 Pre-Alpha Zugänge und alles was da noch kommt.


p.s.: überzeugt wurde ich durch das kick/ban-verhalten der Server. Wer sich zu weit vom Team entfernt wird automatisch gekickt. Oder der Zwang wie sich ausgerüstet wird - es wird nicht 10 Sniper-AT-Taucher in einem Team geben.

Lester 02.06.2015 14:48


Zitat von Pfandgiraffe (Beitrag 484326)
überzeugt wurde ich durch das kick/ban-verhalten der Server. Wer sich zu weit vom Team entfernt wird automatisch gekickt.

Nur so rum oder andersherum auch ?
Sprich wenn sich einfach das Team von einem entfernt ohne Rücksicht zu nehmen ... das wär weniger nett dann gekickt zu werden.
Wenn ich dann da nur so an Sniper denke wirds sogar sehr komisch, die halten sich im Einsatz nicht in der Nähe einer Gruppe auf. :komisch:


Zitat von Pfandgiraffe (Beitrag 484326)
Oder der Zwang wie sich ausgerüstet wird - es wird nicht 10 Sniper-AT-Taucher in einem Team geben.

Ob ein Ausrüstungszwang jetzt toll ist lass ich mal dahingestellt.
Sinniger wäre es den Leuten alles zu erlauben, sie dann aber mit ihrer Wahl auch leiden zu lassen.
Sprich ohne Techniker nebst Zubehör keine Minen/Sprengfallen entschärfen, bei zu viel "Zuladung" langsamer bewegen und oder langsamer beim Zielen sein weil man erstmal einen Teil ablegen muß etc.
Wer wenig mitnimmt und nicht haushaltet steht dann mal ohne Munition da usw.

Pfandgiraffe 02.06.2015 16:58


Zitat von Lester (Beitrag 484346)
Nur so rum oder andersherum auch ?
Sprich wenn sich einfach das Team von einem entfernt ohne Rücksicht zu nehmen ... das wär weniger nett dann gekickt zu werden.

So etwas geht auch?! Ich dachte eigentlich der fällt dann unter die Kategorie Schlafmütze. :)

burns 02.06.2015 17:18


Zitat von Pfandgiraffe (Beitrag 484354)
So etwas geht auch?! Ich dachte eigentlich der fällt dann unter die Kategorie Schlafmütze. :)

Hey hey! Du spielst doch auch WoT, du weisst wie verblödet die Herde sein kann :D

Pfandgiraffe 02.06.2015 19:35

Ach so Lemmingway-Style!
Dann ist das System aber trotzdem gut - es hilft dir dann dabei diesen Bullshit schneller zu überwinden indem es dir vom Server hilft. Bei WoT wirst du ja sogar noch bestraft wenn du den Schwachsinn frühzeitig beenden willst. :naughty:


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