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Icon4 Welcome to Nogville!

[4RTech] clan presents to you new version of infamous «NogVille» series - 5.6!

Delevopment started in 2015 on Operation Flashpoint: Resistance 1.96 to update to version 5.5d – to make some small changes and fixes. Initially development went without special enthusiasm – we thought that NogVille after all this time “grown up” so much since 5.2а, that it will take more than that to make update interesting. So we took our first «pause», and after many discussions we decided – NogVille needs history! After that there were months of hard work, interrupted by new “technical” pauses, which will show that game concept of NogVille with history leaded us to reworking and reconsideration of almost all elements of a mission, searching and introduction of unique technical solutions. And so NogVille 5.6 for ArmA Resistance 2.00 was created.

Briefly about mission: the events occurs in 1994 in the Republic of Nogova and covers all western part of the island. The island state already long time is in economic crisis, gangsterism and corruption prospers everywhere. The Mafia up their head. The police, with assistance of the current president tries to keep an order on the island, using for this purpose very rigid power methods. Players have an opportunity to choose the side in this conflict including the side of Police. Each side has tasks, purposes and opportunities - test yourself in a role of the enterprising businessman, unscrupulous killer or fair policeman, defender of an order – it is all in your hands!

Contents :

✸!![rpg] [4rtech] nogville v.5.6.noe.pbo
• CRC32: D828AF50;
• Размер: 84,3 MB (88 489 984 bytes).
✸F.jpg – template Female Face
✸M.jpg – template Male Face

Versions :

[+] Changed main mission objective: before you needed to gain 1 000 000 $ to win, but now the objective is to gain 3 000 000 Kn to participate in Presidential Race. Every side have their goals to achieve by taking control on the island, but nobody stops player to make their own. Police mission is still the same – keep order on the island and make sure that elections will go well;
[+] Police Depot was fully remade, added many more buildings and object on island, some of them unique for more immersion;
[+] Visual appearances of 95% existing dialogs were changed to make them more enjoyable and comfortable;
[+] Added passport containing short description of your character and giving access to new game features;
[+] Added communication device - pager, allowing you to send private message to any player which number you know (and send anonymous message to police).
[+] Added PDA;
[+] Added new specializations, for Mafia – «Hacker», «Racketeer», for Civilians – «Freelancer», and for both sides – «Priest». Old specializations were edited;
[-] Anomalous zone fully removed from Troska (this includes zombies in forest, USSR and Guerilla soldiers ghost);
[+] Added crime names. Now every player with negative rating knows what he being sent to jail for. More crimes – more time in jail;
[+] Moved jail to Police Depot. Added more humiliation to prisoners;
[+] Extended list of rules that police can set. They can change rules about using vehicles and aircraft;
[+] Changed gunstores stock, USSR weapons prevail now. NATO weapons can be bought in special gunstore at smugglers base;
[+] Changed Aircraft shop – all aircraft there doesn’t have weapons now. To make «civilian» heli or plane combat, you need to visit Workshop. Vehicles with (NC) mark can’t be modified;
[+] Added «unique price» system. E.g. in one car store some car is cheaper than in other. Price difference is set once at the start of the game;
[+] Added ability to break Stores, stopping their work for some time.
[+] Slightly changed missions at Employment Center;
[+] Business came to essentially new level: now any enterprise at the same time can have only one owner, and the enterprise can be retaken;
[+] The large enterprises have an opportunity to become the ordinary shareholder. Unlike complete control of the enterprise, it is impossible to re-buy shares, but also they make much less profit;
[+] The quantity of stalls is increased, added a set of the new business units making profit (Jewelry store, Recreation center, etc.);
[+] Added ability for players to give cash to each other;
[+] Added ability to loot dead players to take money from them;
[+] The tax is raised from any "lawful" profit now. Part of this tax forms the salary of Police. To pay or not to pay a tax - the choice of the player, however for not paying you can be put in jail;
[+] Added goods to Upgrade Shop! (for example, a toolbox to repair car, the first-aid kit and a bullet-proof vest);
[+] Added inflation to economy. It depends on how much money most of the players have;
[+] Game currency was changed from $ to Kn – Krones of Nogova;
[+] Added separate car shops for light and heavy cars;
[+] Mafia players with «Racketeer» specialization car raid facilities and take some money from there. Player owning the facility will get less money;
[+] Improved Player-Server sync with functions from 2.00;
[+] Changed cannabis model. Your cannabis is showing on the map, but be careful, any player can harvest anyone’s cannabis;
[+] Added newspaper, all interesting event of the game go there;
[+] You can jump on the bridge and near PD now.

Due to its heavy weight of the mission (about 80MB), we strongly recommend that you download this mission in advance and put it in the MPMissions folder of your game directory before connect and play on the server.

Mission in the Alpha-testing stage and we invite you to join us in saturday and sunday (22.07.2017 and 23.07.2017)!
Server: [4RTech] ArmA Resistance server ( (Адрес TeamSpeak 3: ussr.ml))
Game version: 2.00 (link for download: http://goo.gl/KYyZGd)
Time: from 6.00 PM to 6.40 PM (MSK time)
Support administrators of the server are guarenteed!
Come to us!

Download 5.6 : Download old versions of the mission Nogville for game Flashpoint


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