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Maintenance - Hotfix 0.11.1616


On the 24th of November 2015, starting from 08:00 AM CET (EU server) and 01:00 AM PST (NA server), the Open Beta servers will not be available for four hours (until approximately 12:00 CET - 05:00 AM PST) due to the application of Update 0.11.1616, bringing corrections to some of the critical issues in Armored Warfare.

List of Update 0.11.1616 Changes

  • Fixed the excessive HE shell damage
  • Fixed the bug where a player who left the battle or disconnected continued to capture the base
  • Adjusted the lower frontal plate thickness of the T-90MS
  • Fixed the issue with Challenger 1 frontal armor and gunner's sight weak points
  • Fixed multiple issues in PvE missions Stormy Winter and Sapphire
  • Added new set of decals
  • Fixed the missing textures on trees on certain maps
  • Fixed the missing ammo icon for HE ammunition for CRAB
  • Fixed the issue where crew skills were duplicated on the same vehicle
  • Fixed the issue where the AI opponent engine sound continued to play after their destruction
  • Removed black square from sword decal
  • Updated the descriptions to resolve issue with the descriptions of min and max accuracy
  • Fixed an error with the LAV 150 90 name appearance
  • Fixed the M8 issue where it was not possible to unlock the appropriate HEAT shell for the stock gun
  • Fixed a memory leak (causing the game to crash) and several reasons for client crashes
  • Fixed the issue where low tier minibosses incorrectly appeared in high tier PvE battles
  • Updated the T-90 and T-90MS gun names to comply with historical accuracy: the T-90 upgraded gun, the 2A46M-5 has been renamed to the 2A46M-4, the T-90MS stock gun, the 2A46M-5 has been renamed to the 2A46M-4, T-90MS upgraded gun, the 2A82 has been renamed to the 2A46M-5
  • Fixed small visual model issues on the M1A2 Abrams and LAV-150 90
  • Quick-chat radial menu does now display the keys associated with the messages
  • Various small UI fixes
  • Various FR, DE and PL localization fixes

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