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Copyright © 2011 Bohemia Interactive. All rights reserved.

>>> Bohemia Interactive <<<

This game was originally sold and known as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance or Operation Flashpoint: Game of the Year Edition*. Users of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and Operation Flashpoint: GOTY are allowed to freely update to Arma: Cold War Assault as long as they agree with the end user license as in the manual and shown during the setup.

To install the game, please follow the instructions provided in the setup process.

You will need to type a valid Arma: Cold War Assault or Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis cd key during the setup.

If the setup detects Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis installed on the system, it will automatically offer to use the existing CD key but you can manually enter a different one.

Version 1.99 Change Log

- Improved: Default gamma and brightness settings
- Fixed: Two cursors appeared in some configurations
- Fixed: Login hack prevention.
- Improved: cheat / spam protection.
- Changed: "missionName" function now returns user friendly name
- Fixed: Preprocessor bugs and crashes
- Changed: createMarker function now works only local
- Added: isServer function
- Fixed: missionStart function on dedicated server
- Added: disableAI option for disable automatic animation selection
- Added: User defined maps in missions
- Added: function: array find item
- Added: function getWorld
- Added: functions getPosASL, setPosASL
- Added: Event handler AnimChanged
- Added: function getMove

Hab noch dies mysteriöse Paket bei uns aufm Server gefunden, theoretisch müsste damit der Steamzwang wegfallen, falls jemand Angst davor hat

Link auf Anforderung.

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