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Standard MilSim Tournament (PvP) - (Arma2 CO ACE + ACRE)

Hello all!

Here an invite to join the 2nd Edition of the BDR MilSim Tournament

The tournament is based on the mission Excalibur by {BDR} Flipper, which reflects and simulates real SpecOps operations. The Blufor side plays as a S.A.S. squad (SABRE), while the Red faction plays as Chedaki soldiers and militians. Aim of the Blufor is to collect as much information as they can, their task is not to engage and kill the enemies but to accomplish their objectives. The Redfor task is counter-interdiction, their duty is to control their territory, prevent enemy infiltration, guard their strategical areas, prevent the SAS to accomplish their mission, find and destroy the Blufor squad. Redfor have allied AI with patrolling and spotting purposes.

Mission Data

Mission name: Excalibur
Mission Type - Deep Reconnaissance Simulation - PvP: (Mixed), humans vs humans with the presence of IA
Duration - 120 minutes
Factions - SABRE (Special Air Service Reconnaissance Patrol) and Chedaki QRF
Operator Numbers - 6 for SABRE and 18 for Chedaki QRF
Game: Arma2CO ACE/ACRE

Tournament Data

Tipology - Competitive with final score
Teams- Each participant Team will consist of 6 operators
Game Mode - In turn, each team plays as SABRE team trying to earn as many points as possible while the other teams together will represent the Chedaki faction whose task is to try to prevent SABRE to complete their objectives (and so to get points). The winner is the team that scored a higher score during his turn as SABRE.

Example :

Night 1
Team A - Score 30
Team B
Team C
Team D

Night 2
Team B - Score 20
Team A - Score 30
Team C
Team D

Night 3
Team C - Score 45
Team A - Score 30
Team B - Score 20
Team D


Mission details
See here

TS3 infos

TS3 IP: vs15.tserverhq.com:6247 no password

Required Mods

- @CBA,@CBA_A2,CBA_OA latest versions

- @ACE
latest versions

- @ACRE v1.4.10
- @ST_ACRE (optional but recommended)

For convenience, all extra mods besides ACE and ACRE have been packed into a single addon pack called @excalibur, containing the following .pbo files


If you are interested you can register here or contact me via TS3 (vs15.tserverhq.com:6247 no password) or steam ({BDR}*Nemesi*)

All best regards

(BDR Team)
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