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Standard Rolling thunder #12

Info on the next Rolling Thunder event (Battle #12):

Rolling Thunder #12 will feature a ground engagement in Central Europe involving USMC vs Russian Ground Forces. The map used is Mondkalb's Celle2 map (Germany).

Sides: USMC vs Russian Ground Forces

Date: Tuesday December 3rd

Participant assembly time: 19:15 GMT

Start of event: 20.00 GMT

End of event: 22:00 GMT

Use this tool to calculate your timezone difference


As usual, registration / slot reservation is required to be able to participate on this battle.

For those players / groups who want to ensure their spots, I recommend not to wait too long as a "first comes, first served" policy will be applied.

For all further info regarding game concept, registration, battle details, required addons, etc etc I refer to the website.

Best regards

RT Admin

RT VIDEO TRAILER (Courtesy from Stuntman)
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