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The wreck repair point unhooks a wreck from the wreck chopper when the wreck is over the point. Can we have the same functionality for the vehicle service point, please?

Not possible without expensive checks and lots of scripting. The wreck point is constantly scanning for wrecks and deletes a wreck immediately once a wreck is over it. And the wreck lift chopper stops the lift script then because the lifted object is a null object once deleted.
Now in case of vehicle service this would mean constantly checking for a vehicle, check if it gets lifted by a lift chopper, tell the client who is pilot of the lift chopper to detach the lifted object. Send a message back to the client/server where the once lifted object is local to do service and so on. All in all not worth it (and to actually start the service the vehicle needs a driver anyway).

So simply spoken, it works fine and is quite an easy system for the wreck point because the wreck gets deleted but needs much too much work to get it done right for a service point.

If somebody wants to implement it, go ahead. I have, as already written, no plans to get back to Alpha 3 till BI puts more effort into the MP part of the game.

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