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If it won't change then there'll be no players left in a few weeks. Nobody will care about the singleplayer campaign after it will be fully released. But people will still play MP months after that.

Yes im sure that the MP game should be more than capable of running 64 players and certainly PvP. I must admit was i was surprised that a game like this suffers so badly in ways others excel in. My only fear is its being left behind in a genre it should be leading...
We have noticed some major resource changing since the last stable release, be it changes in the last version of Domination (Awaiting the Change over to the latest at our end) or via BIS and Arma itself. It seems to be using a lot less memory than it was prior. We currently have now got the HC back on and it seems more stable than ever. We have tried as best to remove the spam from the rpt (No logs rules ) I am surprised there is so much spam, a lot of which i would have hoped had been removed prior to full game release.
For something they expect New people to pay full price for i cant see many people not asking for refunds...
Compare it to BF4 and COD Ghosts... and see the polished versions of games, although not my cup of tea... At least your paying top dollar for a finished product...

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