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Dear all,

As Dutch said, I am going to take his place as RT admin and organizer.

I am glad and honoured to carry on this project. I know it is not an easy task, but my commitment is to maintain the high standards for these events. My experience as Arma Tactical Combat main organizer as well as Rolling Thunder server host and as regular participant with my group (BDR) in the previous RT events will help with that.

My intention is to maintain the RT key features of accessibility to both newcomers and professional tankers, individuals and groups, participation and quality event organization. Rolling Thunder will of course continue to deal with Tanks, Teamwork, Simulation and Fun.

The format will be the one we know from the previous battles. The scenarios will be changing per event, as usual. Currently, I’m exploring some ideas. I do not have a date yet for the next event, but you will be informed timely as things proceed. Please keep an eye on the RT website.

For those who were connected to RT, I hope you all will continue your precious support to the Rolling Thunder community.

With best regards,


RT admin
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