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Dear all,

With this message I would like to inform you of change of administration at Rolling Thunder.

As most of you already knew, I am stepping down as organizer.
The reason for this is that I do not have the time anymore to set up quality events.
It took a while to find a suitable successor, which is why you haven not heard from me / RT for a few months.

I would like to introduce you to Nemesi, who is now the new owner/organizer of Rolling Thunder. Nemesi has lots of experience in Arma MP organizing as clanleader of BDR and also as organizer of Arma Tactical Combat.
Nemesi is from now on your point of contact at RT and will be working on setting up RT #11 and further battles. Keep an eye on the RT website for updates.
Nemesi will make an introduction here, later on.

Thank you to all who participated in Rolling Thunder the last 2 years, it was a blast.
You might still see me on the virtual RT battlefield as a regular participant.

Best regards,

Eric Dutch
RT founder
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