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Baseline (Widescreen) Solution & Issues
Instructions (on Win XP Pro):

1 ) Install game.
2 ) Run once, and quit, to generate the .cfg file.
3 ) Navigate to 'GameDirectory\Base\' directory. (where GameDirectory is where you installed the game)
4 ) Right click the 'whatever.cfg' file. (for example: jk2config.cfg in JK2)
5 ) Select 'Open With' or 'Open' in the right click menu and then choose 'Wordpad' in the scroll list. Do NOT choose 'search on the net'. It's a waste of time.
6 ) You can either have the .cfg files associated with Wordpad or not from then on.
7 ) Use find (Ctrl-F) to find the string 'seta r_customwidth' and change the value in the quotes to read either 1680 or 1920, whichever res you have
8 ) The string 'seta r_customheight' should be below it, if it isn't, find it, ad change it to whatever value you want. E.g: 1050 or 1200.
9 ) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Change the line 'seta r_mode' to '-1'. Otherwise it will ignore the settings and do its own thing.
10 ) Find the line 'seta cg_fov' and change the value to '115' or whatever you want. You can even set it to 360, but it looks like a fisheye lens. The exact Field of Vision is a matter of taste, so fiddle and find which setting you like the most!
11 ) Once these changes have been made, save them and start the game. Do NOT change the resolution in the settings panel, or you will have to edit the .cfg file again.

NB: Some games will not display the videos at the beginning when these settings are active. Do not fear, just hit a button. If it happens on loading screens, just watch the processor light to see progress.

Just to help, here are my settings from Jedi Knight 2:

seta r_customheight "1050"
seta r_customwidth "1680"
seta r_mode "-1"
seta cg_fov "117"

Have fun with a proper widescreen resolution!

If you can't find cg_fov, either seta it in the ingame console, or add the line manually

There is an annoying fault - when widescreen mode is enabled, the loading screens make your monitor display a solid white screen.

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