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So leute, also das funktioniert alles nicht in dieser warfare version.
Aber ich glaube das ich das prob. gefunden habe.
Kennt ihr euch gut mit einer SQF Datei aus (Init_Town.sqf)?
könnte mir jemand das so umschreiben das sie unzerstörbar sind?

Hab mit einem roten hier makiert wo ich das Problem vermute.

Sqf Datei
Private ['_camps','_marker','_town','_townDubbingName','_to wnMaxSV','_townName','_townRange','_townStartSV',' _townValue','_town_type'];

_town = _this select 0;
_townName = _this select 1;
_townDubbingName = _this select 2;
_townStartSV = _this select 3;
_townMaxSV = _this select 4;
_townValue = _this select 5;
_town_type = _this select 6;
_townRange = if (count _this > 7) then {_this select 7} else {550};

waitUntil {townModeSet && WFBE_Parameters_Ready};

//--- Prevent the isServer bug on the client.
sleep (1.2 + random 0.2);

//todo, opposite system.
if ((str _town) in TownTemplate) exitWith {
["INITIALIZATION",Format ["Init_Town.sqf : Removed town [%1] since it is disabled.", _townName]] Call WFBE_CO_FNC_LogContent;
_town setVariable ["wfbe_inactive", true];

if (isNull _town || (_town getVariable "wfbe_inactive")) exitWith {};

_town setVariable ["name",_townName];
_town setVariable ["range",_townRange];
_town setVariable ["startingSupplyValue",_townStartSV];
_town setVariable ["maxSupplyValue",_townMaxSV];

//--- If the town type is an array rather than a single value, pick a random template (see Server_GetTownGroupsDefender.sqf).
if (typeName _town_type == "ARRAY") then {_town_type = _town_type select floor(random count _town_type)};
_town setVariable ["wfbe_town_type", _town_type];

waitUntil {commonInitComplete};

if (isServer) then {
Private ["_camps", "_defenses", "_mortars", "_synced"];
//--- Get the camps and defenses, note that synchronizedObjects only work for the server.
_camps = [];
_defenses = [];
_mortars = [];
_docks = [];
for '_i' from 0 to count(synchronizedObjects _town)-1 do {
_synced = (synchronizedObjects _town) select _i;
if (typeOf _synced == "LocationLogicCamp" && (missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_CAMPS_CREATE") > 0) then {
[_camps, _synced] Call WFBE_CO_FNC_ArrayPush;
_synced setVariable ["town", _town];
if (!isNil {_synced getVariable "wfbe_defense_kind"}) then {[_defenses, _synced] Call WFBE_CO_FNC_ArrayPush};
if (!isNil {_synced getVariable "wfbe_mortar"}) then {[_mortars, _synced] Call WFBE_CO_FNC_ArrayPush};
if (!isNil {_synced getVariable "wfbe_dock"}) then {[_docks, _synced] Call WFBE_CO_FNC_ArrayPush};

["INITIALIZATION",Format ["Init_Town.sqf : Found [%1] synchronized camps in [%2].", count _camps, _town getVariable "name"]] Call WFBE_CO_FNC_LogContent;

if (count _mortars > 0) then {
_town setVariable ["wfbe_town_mortars", _mortars];
["INITIALIZATION",Format ["Init_Town.sqf : Found [%1] synchronized mortar position in [%2].", count _mortars, _town getVariable "name"]] Call WFBE_CO_FNC_LogContent;

if (count _docks > 0) then {_town setVariable ["wfbe_docks", _docks]};

_town setVariable ["camps", _camps, true];
_town setVariable ["wfbe_town_defenses", _defenses];

_townDubbingName = switch (_townDubbingName) do {
case "+": {_townName};//--- Copy the name.
case "": {"Town"};//--- Unknown name, apply Town dubbing.
default {_townDubbingName};//--- Input name.
_town setVariable ["wfbe_town_dubbing", _townDubbingName];

//--- Conquest mode variables.
if ((missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_TOWNS_CONQUEST_MODE") == 1) then {
{_town setVariable [Format["wfbe_town_capturable_%1", _x], false]} forEach WFBE_PRESENTSIDES;

//--- Don't pause.
[_town,_townStartSV,_townRange] Spawn {
Private ["_camps","_defenses","_marker","_size","_town","_t ownModel","_townRange","_townStartSV"];
_town = _this select 0;
_townStartSV = _this select 1;
_townRange = _this select 2;
_camps = _town getVariable "camps";

//--- Models creation.
_townModel = createVehicle [missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_DEPOT", getPos _town, [], 0, "NONE"];
_townModel setDir ((getDir _town) + (missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_DEPOT_RDIR"));
_townModel setPos (getPos _town);
_townModel addEventHandler ["handleDamage", {false}];

if (isNil {_town getVariable "sideID"}) then {_town setVariable ["sideID",WFBE_DEFENDER_ID,true]};
_town setVariable ["supplyValue",_townStartSV,true];

sleep (random 1);

waitUntil {serverInitComplete};

Private ["_camp_health","_flag","_pos","_townModel"];
//--- Create the camp model.
_townModel = createVehicle [missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_CAMP", getPos _x, [], 0, "NONE"];
_townModel setDir ((getDir _x) + (missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_CAMP_RDIR"));
_townModel setPos (getPos _x);

hier-> //--- Maybe we want to make the camp stronger. <-hier
_camp_health = missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_CAMP_HEALTH_COEF";
if !(isNil '_camp_health') then {
_townModel addEventHandler ["handleDamage",{getDammage (_this select 0)+((_this select 2)/(missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_CAMP_HEALTH_COEF"))}];

//--- Create a flag near the camp location & position it.
_flag = createVehicle [missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_CAMP_FLAG", getPos _x, [], 0, "NONE"];
_flag setPos (_x modelToWorld (missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_CAMP_FLAG_POS"));

_x setVariable ["wfbe_flag", _flag];

//--- Initialize the camp.
if (isNil {_x getVariable "sideID"}) then {_x setVariable ["sideID",WFBE_DEFENDER_ID,true]};
if (isNil {_x getVariable "supplyValue"}) then {
waitUntil {!isNil {_town getVariable "supplyValue"}};
_x setVariable ["supplyValue", _town getVariable "supplyValue", true];
_x setVariable ["wfbe_camp_bunker", _townModel, true];
[_x, _town, _flag] ExecFSM 'Server\FSM\server_town_camp.fsm';
["INITIALIZATION",Format ["Init_Town.sqf : Initialized Camp in [%1].", _town getVariable "name"]] Call WFBE_CO_FNC_LogContent;
} forEach _camps;

waitUntil {townInitServer};

//--- Prepare the default defenses (if needed and if occupation or defender is present).
if ((_town getVariable "sideID") != WFBE_C_UNKNOWN_ID && ((missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_TOWNS_DEFENDER") > 0 || (missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_TOWNS_OCCUPATION") > 0)) then {
[_town, (_town getVariable "sideID") Call WFBE_CO_FNC_GetSideFromID, -1] Call WFBE_SE_FNC_ManageTownDefenses;

//--- Town SV & Control script.
[_town, _townRange] ExecFSM 'Server\FSM\server_town.fsm';

//--- Main Town AI Script
if ((missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_TOWNS_DEFENDER") > 0 || (missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_TOWNS_OCCUPATION") > 0) then {[_town, _townRange] ExecFSM 'Server\FSM\server_town_ai.fsm'};

//--- Client camp init.
if (local player) then {
waitUntil {!isNil {_town getVariable "camps"}};

_camps = _town getVariable "camps";
for '_i' from 0 to count(_camps)-1 do {
_camp = _camps select _i;
_camp setVariable ["wfbe_camp_marker", Format ["WFBE_%1_CityMarker_Camp%2", str _town, _i]];
_camp setVariable ["town", _town];

["INITIALIZATION",Format ["Init_Town.sqf : (Client) Initialized Camps [%1] for town [%2].", count _camps, _townName]] Call WFBE_CO_FNC_LogContent;

//--- UPSMON Area Definition.
if ((missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_MODULE_UPSMON") > 0) then {
_marker = Format['UPSMON_TOWN_%1',str _town];
createMarkerLocal [_marker, getPos _town];
_marker setMarkerColorLocal "ColorBlue";
_marker setMarkerShapeLocal "RECTANGLE";
_marker setMarkerBrushLocal "BORDER";
_size = missionNamespace getVariable "WFBE_C_MODULES_UPSMON_TOWN_AREA";
_marker setMarkerSizeLocal [_size select 0,_size select 1];
_marker setMarkerAlphaLocal 0;

["INITIALIZATION",Format ["Init_Town.sqf : Initialized town [%1].", _townName]] Call WFBE_CO_FNC_LogContent;

towns = towns + [_town];

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