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Info on the next event (battle #9):

Sides: Chernarus Defence Force vs Soviet Army
Date: Wednesday 7th November
Participant assembly time: 19:15 GMT
End of event: 22:00 GMT
Be aware of the timezone shift this part of the year. Use this tool to calculate your timezone difference
Time Zone Converter - Time & Time Zone Conversion

Scenario (fictive):
April 5th 1985, Chernarus

As the Soviet expansion continues, more and more countries fall under it’s control.
Chernarus, a small country near the Black Sea, has recently begun reinforcing their positions on the southern border. Echo company, a subunit from 2nd Mech Brigade of the CDF, supported by U.S. scouts, was sent to reinforce the Vybor airfield region.
To the Southeast, armoured elements of the Soviet 5th Motor Rifle Division were moving out of their assembly areas towards the North. It was only a matter of hours until first contact would be made…

Registration / slot reservation is required to be able to participate on this battle.
For those players / groups who want to ensure their spots, I recommend not to wait too long as a "first comes, first served" policy will be applied.
For all further info regarding game concept, registration, battle details, required addons, etc etc I refer to the website.
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