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Info on the next event (battle #8):

Sides: Iranian Ground Forces vs U.S. Army
Date: August 29th
Participant assembly time: 18:15 GMT
End of event: 21:00 GMT
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Scenario (fictive):

May 23rd 2014, Iran
It has been two weeks since the coalition invasion.
During the last 72 hours, elements of the Iranian 6th Armored Division have been conducting a delaying defence, three hundred kilometres south of Hims
The goal was to allow the U.S. 7th Cavalry Division to funnel and extend its course of attack, to be flanked and destroyed by other units of the 3rd Corps.
With two opposing tank companies in the first line about to face each other, we join the action..

Registration / slot reservation is required to be able to participate on this battle.
For those players / groups who want to ensure their spots, I recommend not to wait too long as a "first comes, first served" policy will be applied.

For all further info regarding game concept, registration, battle details, required addons, etc etc I refer to the website.
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