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Ich zitiere mal den BI CEO (ARMA 2: OA 1.62 (Release Candidate #1) build 95168 - Page 2):

* we had to raise the version number to 1.62 as there are several low level incompatibilities between some 1.61 builds that lead into CTD to clients and servers
* we had to remove the ACR lite content from the patch as some of it requires Arma 2 present and there is atm no robust way of handling the dependencies. Instead, we are going to release ACR Lite as full free optional DLC to allow all our users to be at the same compatible level without enforcing purchase of DLC pack

Letzterer Punkt ist leider suboptimal.
Der ACR DLC Light wird nicht im normalen 1.62 Full Patch dabei sein sondern nur als extra Download...

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