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Info on the next event (battle #6):

Sides: NATO (U.S.M.C.) vs Russian Ground Forces
Date: Friday, May 11th, 2012
Participant assembly time: 19:00 GMT
End of event: 21:30 GMT
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Scenario (fictive):
The date is March 15th 1994.
It has been two weeks after the initial invasion on Everon, by the separated Russian division under the command of General Guba. Malden has just been secured by NATO forces against further advance by the enemy. Now with a new established beachhead formed on the North coast of Everon, U.S. marine tankers are preparing to push further inland.
On the other side of the island sits the Russian 3rd battalion’s reserve. D-company, outfitted with the latest model T90’s, has been tasked to counter and secure strategic point in central Everon. We join them as they just moved out towards Montignac…

Tanks used in this specific battle are the T90A vs the M1A1, accompanied by the relative support units from their factions.
The map used this time is Everon.

Registration / slot reservation is required to be able to participate on this battle.
For those players / groups who want to ensure their spots, I recommend not to wait too long as a first comes, first served policy will be applied.

For all further info regarding game concept, registration, battle details, required addons, etc etc I refer to the website.
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