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Operation Breaktrough

Typ: Coop
Players: min. recommended 5 / max. 14
Estimated playing time: 1 hour
used Mods: i44 Mod (v2.6) and CBA
Specials: with wounding module and respawn, pure combat mission - many enemys and heavy weapons
Daytime / Weather: Afternoon, Cloudy and light snow fall, Temperature -12°C

The enmy overrun our position in Bastogne last night. Some of our honorable troops are captured in a church in the town centre cause the enemy build a boiler around their. We send our Waffen-SS Uebersoldiers to break trough enemy lines, free our comrades and get the town back.

The enemy surrounded our troups. They have barricaded themselves in the church. The enemy developed his defence with MG nest's and set snipers on key positions. We know about one Sherman-Battletank in this area. Be carefull - the enemy know that you are comming and prepare a conter attack at your position.

Rescue your comrades and bring them out of there. Also you have to secure 3 different places in town.

Niemand hat die Absicht eine Tüte zu bauen!
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