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Against the Suppression

- max num of players: 6 players
- weather/time: stormy, early morning
- respawn?: no respawn (ACE2 / BonInf wounding system)
- Mods?: none required but ACE2 + ACRE is possible (optional)

- short descrption:
Some of the other inhabitants and you have enough from the suppression of these stupid guerillias. You have to set an exemple on this early morning and have to go out for kill as many of possible of these bastards.

- notes:
You start with bad equipment and low ammo. Try to find better weapons and more ammo by your opponents. The group leader have two times the possiblity to make a decision - make the right decision!

- Download:
Niemand hat die Absicht eine Tüte zu bauen!
___<<<A3 Wounding System>>>___

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