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Standard Update v1.2.3.0

Muss mich mal wieder selbst korrigieren... Hatte mehr Zeit bzw. Motivation als ich dachte und deshalb hats diesmal wieder nur ein paar Wochen gedauert, nicht Monate. Nunja, jedenfalls ist dieses Update mal wieder primär für den Serverbrowser und steigert dessen Nützlichkeit wieder ein wenig mehr. Dazu kommt noch, dass ich endlich zwei meiner schon länger geplanten Features eingebaut habe. Nun ist es möglich Modarchive zu erstellen und man kann Server aufgrund der Spieler die darauf spielen filtern. (Freundes Liste Light!) Auch eine meiner Wunschsprachen hat Armarize spendiert bekommen, Russisch. Danke an zickey & Mikezar! (zickey05 at gmail dot com)
  • [FEATURE] Russian has been added as new language.
  • [FEATURE] It is now possible to filter based on the names and squads of the players on a gameserver.
  • [FEATURE] It is now possible to archive modifications. That means that you can compress modifications and reinstall them at a later time. (i.e. with Armarize)
  • [CHANGE] When the game has been started the automatic refresh of favourites and the server history will not be permanently prevented anymore, it will only be prevented when Armarize has been minimized.
  • [CHANGE] The last selected profile is now saved across sessions as well.
  • [CHANGE] When using more than one word as servername or mission filter all of them must exist instead of only one.
  • [CHANGE] Reworked mod filter so it is now possible to enter mod names by yourself and the syntax is like the one from the servername and mission filter.
  • [BUGFIX] Rare crash when updating the version cache after the synchronsation has finished.
  • [BUGFIX] Rare crash when refreshing the browser.
  • [BUGFIX] The password setting of ArmA2 (not Arrowhead) gameservers was incorrectly identified, so locked servers were displayed as password protected and vice versa.
  • [BUGFIX] When double clicking on a gameserver it is no more possible to start Arrowhead when ArmA2 is already running.
  • [BUGFIX] Duplicate history entry when using the "Connect"-Button.
  • [BUGFIX] Rare crash on initialization when retrieving information about the ping protocol. (Note that the error itself is not fixed, only ignored!)
  • [BUGFIX] Filter settings and deleted or added favourites were not saved when leaving the browser through the "Synchronize with server modifications" menu option.
  • [BUGFIX] Crash when displaying the context menu of the external applications within the profile management more than once.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] New buttons within the dialog to (de)select the server mods when using the manual mod selection.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] The sort order of the serverbrowser will not be reset anymore after it has been automatically refreshed.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] A few more gameservers are registered now, due to an increased fault tolerance of the gamespy query code.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] It is now possible to deactivate the game server history.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved non-ascii (i.e. cyrillic) character handling when installing modarchives.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] A selected gameserver will not be deselected anymore when the automatic refresh has been processed.

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