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Standard co06_Operation Lojack III von WOlle

Diese Mission ist ebenfalls ein Remake der grandiosen OFP Mission Operation Lojack. Diese spielte auf Kolgujev.

Mission: co06_Operation Lojack III
Typ: Coop Mission - diverse Versionen
Spiel: ArmA 2
Addons: -

A mission with 6 versions:

- Operation Lojack III v1.12
- Operation Lojack III v1.12 (Group Respawn)
- Operation Lojack III v1.12 (ACE2 Version)
- Operation Lojack III v1.12 (Revive Version)
- Operation Lojack III v1.12 (Single Player)
- Operation Lojack III v1.12 (Alternate extraction / Revive)

Sergeant Richard Moore disappeared three nights ago from one of the last outposts in Chernarus. Normally we would not send in a rescue team until we found out Moore's exact location, but Moore was carrying a prototype of an experimental tracking device, which was being tested by Army Rangers. It seems, whoever is responsible for his disappearance has no knowledge of the tracking device, and Moore has managed to activate the device. Your team goes in and get Moore out of there - alive if possible.

Armaholic - Mission packs - Operation Lojack III Co-06 (@)

- Silent enim leges inter ArmA -

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