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Standard Nebelreiter | Operation Colossus von LeadCommando65

Wer kennt sie nicht?
Nebelreiter? Die gute alte OFP Mission von JoergF.

Sie war zumindest für mich ein Maßstab gekonnten editings.
Hier ein Remake:

Mission: co08_OpColossus_v10
Typ: Coop Mission auch im SP spielbar
Spiel: ArmA 2
Addons: -

more than 900 square kilometers of playground
dynamic enemy routes & objective locations - every playthrough will be different!
unique locations around the gameworld
supports up to 8 players
respawn system + revive possibility
SP & MP support
appr. 3 hours of gameplay (or more, if you want)

Your squad is ordered to infiltrate a state controlled by renegade troops. The tasks are simple: The leader of the enemy troops, Aleksey Markova, his right hand Mikhail Prontaljew and their elite guards must be eliminated at all costs. Additionally, a small group of soldiers is missing in the operation area, which shall be rescued. You will face a huge area full of enemy patrols, where you have to find a way through to fulfill the objectives.

Armaholic - Co-op missions - Operation Colossus Co-08 (@)
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