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Wie schon im Titel steht gibt es ein Update auf Version 2.01

Saugen bei OFP info

fixed - OT-62 Command > moving of commander turret
fixed - Mi-24P > wrong tracer position
fixed - Mi-17 > problems with the lowest resolution LOD
fixed - RadioMan > medic sign on helmet in far resolution LODs
added - added new groups and separed armour and infantry groups
added - BS-3 AT gun added to EAST side too
added - RPG-7 Soldier and RPG-7V Soldier added to EAST side
added - addon PRIM (which is present in original CZ resistance version)
updated - english names of units
updated - RPG-75 launcher > modified ballistic curve and tweaked hit-dammage
updated - animations for islands
fixed - single player mission s05_NavalAttack
fixed - single player mission s04_TheTrooper
added - single player mission s09_Fox
added - coop multiplayer mission 1-6_C_CSLA_Assault
fixed - OT-64A, OT-64C, OT-64AMB > updated damage model (RPG shot went through APC hull)
added - new sounds for BMP (thanx Inquisitor and Jim)
updated - little bit tweaked sounds of Sa-58 (thanx George Spoock)
added - exe startup files for ATi Radeon graphic cards (added -nomap)

added - english subtitles for all localizations (German, French,...)
fixed - many bug-fixes and improvements in ALL missions
added - all missing texts (like letters and newspapers) are fully translated to english

Maa: Plz if you have patch downloaded today (18.2.) between 11:00 - 12:15 CET (GTM+1) then download it again plz, because file may be corrupted. Sorry for that.
P.S. Patch CAN't be applied more then one time! If you want to apply patch again you must reinstall CSLA II. MOD before patching.
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