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[73116] Fixed: crash on server when loading ban.txt
[73115] Fixed: crash in Ka52 while player as gunner
[73094] Fixed: Shadows sometimes disappered, esp. when sun was behind a player.
[73079] Improved: changed tank AI driver behaviour
[73073] New: Better clients bad CDKey checking on server.
[73068] Fixed: Crash with AI leaving vehicle with GetOut EH (ArmA2 Community Issue Tracker - Bug #11011: CTD on deleting a vehicle with still crew/AI inside. - DH: (ArmA) Development Unraveled)
[73044] Fixed: Client with bad CD key is kicked off from server instead of being politely asked to disconnect.
[73030] Fixed: Airplanes HUDs projected into infinity.
[73019] Improved: Tracers visible in all directions.
[73015] Fixed: Unable to connect to servers with equalModRequired.

neuer patch da!
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