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Armed Global Warfare
  • PvP only
  • Two army MP Campaign
  • AAS GameMode
  • 30vs30 up to 50vs50
  • Middle and large missions
  • One TS3 server; multiple channels and channel commander used
  • Basic structure into teams and FTL for communication and organization
  • Start in 4 weeks
  • One game per week: Every Sunday
  • Campaign will last about 8-15 weeks
  • Game start at 18 CET; meet up is 30 minutes prior
  • Maximum game length is 4x 1 hour matches
  • Post game there is an army debrief
  • One can join late or leave already; in other words one can play less than 4 hours
  • Sign in tool to be used to show ones participation on the upcoming Sunday

Details oben im Text.
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