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Standard OA Only 2.25 Release

OA Only 2.25 Release

Some changes, see changelog.

The OA version still uses only OA content so all players can play it and not only those who have ArmA 2 allready.

  • Added, server lobby parameter to add ACRE PR119 radio to ammoboxes in non ACE versions, default disabled
  • Changed, small enhancements on the limited weapons script, switched to OA weapons
  • Changed, FARP is now a WarfareBVehicleServicePoint, building a FARP is only possible if an engineer truck is nearby. Engineers can restore refuel/repair capability at a FARP
  • Fixed, slope problems when placing MG Nest and Mash
  • Fixed, stupid bug in infiltrate FSM. Sabotage groups where created every 400 seconds now only about once an hour
  • Fixed, destroy Scud sidemission
  • Changed, brighter nights again (fullmoon)
  • Added, TT TvT OA version (no ACE version yet)
  • Fixed, base vehicle service points didn't work in sidemissions only mode
  • and as usual some more internal changes


The mission package now includes the following versions:

- West
- West AI
- West Revive
- West Ranked
- East
- East AI
- East Revive
- East Ranked
- West ACE
- West ACE AI
- West ACE Revive
- West ACE Wounds
- West ACE Ranked
- West MANDO
- TvT TT

One more thing...
You don't have to ask me to modify Dom, just do it. You can even release modified versions of Dom without asking me. There are more important things in life.
I won't answer to mails regarding modifying Dom, my time is to limited, sorry.

And have fun...

In arma everything is made of refined explodium, armored with wet paper towels.
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