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OA Only 2.22 Release

Some changes, see changelog.

The OA version still uses only OA content so all players can play it and not only those who have ArmA 2 allready.

  • Changed, HALO type can now be selected in the lobby (new OA system or old implementation, default old system)
  • Fixed, internal backpack now working properly again
  • Fixed, sidemission where you had to destroy tanks didn't work in the ACE version
  • Added, MANDO version with mando missiles (be aware that the MANDO version has ~7 MB because it's using the mando missile script suite)
  • Fixed, missing config file for the FSMCompiler in dom_maker added again
  • and some more changes under the hood

Domination - Files - DH: (ArmA) Development Unraveled

The mission package now includes the following versions:

- West
- West AI
- West Revive
- West Ranked
- East
- East AI
- East Revive
- East Ranked
- West ACE
- West ACE AI
- West ACE Revive
- West ACE Wounds
- West MANDO

One more thing...
You don't have to ask me to modify Dom, just do it. You can even release modified versions of Dom without asking me. There are more important things in life.
I won't answer to mails regarding modifying Dom, my time is to limited, sorry.

And have fun...

In arma everything is made of refined explodium, armored with wet paper towels.

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