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And finally...

New version 3.60 available...


  • fixed bug in sidemission 5 (spawn was used instead of call to get the result of a function, doesn't work)
  • fixed missing addAction command for choppers in TT version
  • added some experimental code that gives artillery operators points if they kill enemy ai with a strike
  • changed initial placing of units and reworked random position generator
  • added more nil checks for d_sm_p_pos (it could happen that a JIP player got an error message in x_sidemissionwinner.sqf)
  • fixed copy and paste error in x_vrespawn2.sqf (Truck5tRefuel) and added a variable in i_common.sqf to change those trucks (d_own_trucks)
  • removed airdefense and replaced it with isledefense. Instead some static Shilkas/Vulcans there are now patrols driving around the island, attacking players when they find them
  • replaced a last remaining bmp string with APC string in secondary target information
  • all repair stations ("Land_repair_center") can now repair vehicles if the player is the driver of a damaged vehicle (choppers/planes get repaired if the player is about 15 m over a repair station, can be disabled)
  • fixed typo in d_allmen_W (it's SoldierWMedic not SodlierWMedic)
  • added code for ranked AI versions that gives the players points when an AI of his group kills an enemy AI unit
  • added some checks here and there that turns off vehicle engine if a player enters a vehicle, gets kicked out but started the engine.
  • fixed typo in beam_tele.sqf (missing =) in Revive version
  • added removed civilian code again (disabled by default, eats up to much performance)
  • time until the next sidemission gets created now depends on the number of players (can be changed in i_server.sqf, d_time_until_next_sidemission)
  • reworked complete code for removing placed mashes/mg nests and markers of leaving players (not running in a loop anymore, gets handled in onPlayerDisconnected now- )
  • fixed placing of ammoboxes dropped by air drop
  • !!!!!!!! as really nobody seems to read what I write when a new Domination version gets released, really nobody, Domination should now also run in a hosted environment. Though I do not promise anything, some things might still only run on a real dedicated server.
    (STOP PLAYING HOSTED. You can run arma_server.exe on your own machine side by side with ArmA. If ArmA crashes you can connect again, if the same happens hosted and you are the host, everything is gone).
  • fixed a typo in ranked x_weaponcargor.sqf (normal version)
  • fixed flanking code (now really works, scary)
  • fixed, max arti distance gets now computed correctly
  • added two new sidemissions where you have to rescue pilots (enemy AI also try to get to the crash site, they will arive after some time and probably kill the pilots)
  • some kind of state machine is now running for each AI group, handling patrolling and group behaviour when an enemy is near the group (flanking, etc)
  • in the A.C.E. version engineers do need a rucksack now to repair/analyze and refuel vehicles.
  • added a settings dialog where you can change viewdistance, gras layer and player markers and which also shows mission settings (including points for ranks). It can be accessed from the show status dialog ("Settings" button).
  • fixed, JIP players will see the ruins of the support buildings now (if destroyed)
  • fixed, no to backback action menu if the player has no primary weapon
  • fixed, swapping the primary weapon from the backpack and getting killed resulted in a respawn without a primary weapon
  • fixed, if starting without a primary weapon backpack didn't work correctly
  • changed, use displayname in action menu instead of type name for backpack weapons
  • changed, if an armored enemy vehicle gets hit it spawns smoke (if available) and trys to hide somewhere.
  • changed, start point of base infiltration troops can be about 800 m away from the base now.
  • added correct soldier types for recruiting AI in the A.C.E. AI version
  • added ACE Map support (default: disabled). If enabled you'll need an ACE map for various things (like calling arti, air drop, etc)
  • attached vehicles get moved behind a lift chopper (should finally fix the annoying midair crashes, thanks to CarlGustaffa)
  • engineers tried to cheat in the ranked version by repairing vehicles in the base again and again, not possible anymore
  • implemented improved flare artillery from CarlGustaffa
  • added A.C.E. East Ranked version
  • updated some of the bonus missions
  • and so on and so on


The package now includes the following missions (41):

co30 Domination! One Team - West
co30 Domination! One Team - West AI
co30 Domination! One Team - West Revive
co30 Domination! One Team - West Ranked
co30 Domination! One Team - Racs
co30 Domination! One Team - Racs AI
co30 Domination! One Team - Racs Revive
co30 Domination! One Team - Racs Ranked
co30 Domination! One Team - East
co30 Domination! One Team - East AI
co30 Domination! One Team - East Revive
co30 Domination! One Team - East Ranked
co30 Domination! One Team - West Mando
co@30 Domination! One Team - West Schmalfelden Edition
co@30 Domination! One Team - East Uhao Edition
co@30 Domination! One Team - CSLA
co@30 Domination! One Team - A.C.E.
co@30 Domination! One Team - A.C.E. East
co@30 Domination! One Team - A.C.E. Ranked
co@30 Domination! One Team - A.C.E. East Ranked
co30 Domination! Two Teams
co25 Sahrani Battle v3.22
co25 Sahrani Battle v3.22 Mando
co30 Hill Defense 1.61
co32 Returning Home 1.37
co20 High Mountains 1.83
co25 Enemy at the Gates (Corazol)
co33 Revenge 1.17
co16 Leviathan Rising 1.36
co17 Wings of Steele 1.63
co18 Green Holidays 1.03
co18 Southern Comfort 1.43
co35 Red Alert 1.0
co35 Red Alert 2 1.71
co@24 Attack [ACE] 1.75 (needs QG for Podaga island from FDF)
co@24 Attack [ACE] 1.75 Revive (needs QG for Podaga island from FDF)
co@20 Big Chance 1.89 [ACE] (QG for Podaga island from FDF)
co@20 Big Chance 1.89 [ACE] Revive (QG for Podaga island from FDF)
co@20 High Mountains 1.86 [ACE] Revive
co@33 Revenge 1.23 [ACE] Revive
co@25 Battle for Avgani 1.07X [ACE] (needs Avgani)


Be aware that you need A.C.E 1.07 for the A.C.E. version now !!!

Domination! is now a project over at dev-heaven.net. Feel free to join and help developing it !!!!!!!!

Please report bugs there using the bug tracker or if you want new features add them there too (Tickets).

It's up to you where the journey is going (let's call it a community project)... so get involved.

Download (now as 7z, much,much smaller):

Domination! 3.60 Mission Pack

One more thing:
You don't have to ask me for permission to modify any of the missions or release a modified mission. Simply do it! (You don't even need to mention me anywhere!).
There are more important things in life.

And have fun !!!!!

In arma everything is made of refined explodium, armored with wet paper towels.
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