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Bugfix Release 3.51 available...

Shortly after the 3.50 release a bugfix release was necessary.

A bug in one of the sidemission files led to a server crash (nested #ifdefs).


* fixed nasty bug in x_sideprisoners.sqf which led to a server crash
* CarlGustaffa added support for statics to use vehicle hud and direction indication
* clients are not sending their score every two seconds to the server anymore (server can handle it itself)
* removed more unit types that can get spawned (hopefully solves performance problems)

Sorry for that.

Domination! 3.51 Mission Pack

Please report any bugs that you find at Domination - Overview - DH: Development Unraveled (file a ticket).

Mach Dir selber eine
Mission entpacken, in x_setup.sqf #define __AI__ auskommentieren (sprich die // entfernen), setupcopy.bat einmal ausführen, Mission wieder packen. Dann sollte da auch eine A.C.E. East AI sein (am besten noch den Namen im Editor oder direkt per Texteditor in der mission.sqm ändern).

And have fun !!!!

In arma everything is made of refined explodium, armored with wet paper towels.
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