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Standard A.C.E. Advanced Combat Environment Public Release

Original Post von Sickboy:


A.C.E - Advanced Combat Environment Mod - Public Beta Release
... when realism matters !!

Dear Community,

The A.C.E Development Team is proud to present to you today; the public beta version of A.C.E. Mod!

The A.C.E. Mod is primarily intended as Enhancement and Extension of the game, it is a full conversion mod and it builds on it's predecessor; WGL Mod (OFP).
We had to make many different choices, and we've tried to make the best choices / balance between Realism and Gameplay.
The mod is intended to be fully MP Compatible, and builds on the most commonly used frameworks, like XEH and S_Hole Display Eventhandler, to be as compatible as possible with other Mods and Addons.

Countless hours of hard work of many different people went into this Mod, and after a few bumps in the road,
finding people, fight for motivation, etc, etc, we can finally deliver this release to you.
Our Documentation is also still being worked on, please excuse it's current state

We hope that we can improve the mod with your feedback and possible help.
We also like to inform you, that the A.C.E team intends to move the A.C.E. Mod project over to ArmA2, once released.

A.C.E. Mod is looking for dedicated Scripters, Texturerers and Modelers, please visit our Member Application Thread

Thanks to all who have made this Mod Possible!



= A.C.E. Mod Readme =
Welcome to the Advanced Combat Environment Mod!

== Links ==
* Wiki (Guidance and Help): Main Page - ACEWiki
* Forums: ACEMod Forums - Powered by vBulletin
* Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Feedback: ACEMod Forums
* Hall of Fame: The Team - ACEWiki
* Credits: see credits.txt or visit Credits - ACEWiki
* License and Copyright: see ACE License and Copyrights.txt
* Feature List & Descriptions: Category:ACE features - ACEWiki

A.C.E. Islands Pack is a Seperate Release, not included with the A.C.E. Mod, and should not be far away

Compatible with ArmA v1.15Beta!

Feature List:


Official ACE Mirror list:

Mirrors much appreciated !

Note: Due to x-mas activity some mirrors might not be activated yet, please try another one and have patience.


We will keep this posting up to date to inform you about the latest releases

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