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Ja guckt mal was ihr noch so habt....

Zitat von Messiah@BI-Forum

Things are going slow, but mainly thats because we're still coming down from working insanely long hours making the VBS content. If BIA are correct, the UK content numbers 137 vehicles, of which I think around 100 are our work.

The problem with getting them up to scratch for ArmA is having to revisit every single texture and remove shadows and highlights, and create normal and specular maps (VBS2 uses neither, so we have to paint them on the textures). This takes time, and its also hard to bring yourself to revisit projects that were 'done'.

The difference between having no glitz, and adding the glitz is far too great for us to ignore (Before you get any ideas about us releasing them without). I had planned on finishing the Jackal for the end of November (UKF's Birthday) but alas other things took my attention away from anything computer related.

All in good time gents. Perhaps it may end up being ArmA 2, perhaps nothing will be released. It depends on the developers and what time they feel they want to spare now we've completed such a major commercial project.

At any rate, here's a video from BIA showing the UK vehicles:


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