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So, OK:

Hier hab ich das gaze mal als .pbo gepacked: Rapidshare-DL Piranha-dl Addons SLA


Piranha-dl &modEmMaik SLA BMP2 / T-72 addon RC1
mission addon name: "piranha_tracked01_101"
BMP2Ambulwd Digi Camo
BMP2Ambulwdo Woodland Camo
BMP2wd Digi Camo
BMP2wdo Woodland Camo
T72ERAwo Digi Camo
T72ERAwdo Woodland Camo
T72wd Digi Camo
T72wdo Woodland Camo

model & config. by modEmMaik
Skin / Texture by piranha-dl

Config includes material / armor values from OFP-WGL mod.
Model is based completely on "BI Vehicles and weapons sample" models.

Credits to:
Maruk, Urki and Loneship crCTI clan @smurfclan.org for ideas, support and beta tests
T_bone, CameronMcDonald, hamis, Gedis, A.T.R.F. special: Marijus plus all the others @http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi for tests, photos and suggestions
Burns and Evil Homer @hx3.de for their support and material
Rellikki (Rellikki's Stuff) for his superb Sahrani Liberation Army Desert Troops (SLA Desert Troops - Files, News, Reviews, Addons, Mods, Missions, Scripts, Videos and more.) I used as blueprint for this reskin
piranha-dl (denny b. alles für euch!) who inspired me to add some scratches (although his scratches look much better...)
Vilas (:: VILAS OFP SITE :: OFP :: ADDONY :: WYSPY ::), who enspired me by his T72-B ERA
WGL mod team (OFP WarGames MOD: News) for their great mod
ACE team (ACE), successors of the former WGL team
BI (ArmA: Armed Assault) for their sample models

have fun and good luck,
modEmMaik & piranha-dl

have fun,
mike & piranha-dl

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