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Guten Morgen zusammen... kurze Meinungsumfrage

Good morning all
It´s always very important for me to get constructive feedback to optimize my work for this community.
Just relating to missions it´s also important to get the right feedback to consider your wishes/opinions and
to make a good job in future. Therefore I have some important questions.

- Why someone should play this mission / or a mission like that?
- What´s your favourite impression of it?
- Is a SP-Mission a welcome change for you?
- Do you like story driven mission like this?
- What´s your opinion about cutscenes in such missions?
- What´s your opinion about a MP-Version of this?
- Was this mission to heavy or easy for you?
- What you don´t like in this mission?

Thank you very much for answer this questions!!!

Kind regards,


Fehlt nur noch

- Do you want similar mission on schmalfelden hv map?
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