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Icon11 AW: Frei Freya (new BW-campaign)

Yellowman, Berliner19 and one other guy, who can help me!

Let's start doing the voice acting!
Really I need 3 voices for the first mission, but if you are only 2 it will be enough.

Yellowman, Berliner19, choose an acting role and please speak up (in German) to a wav or mp3 or ogg file! Thanks a lot for your work!

The forst mission's textbook:

Actor1 "- Hurry Schwartzy! Blond freyan girls wait for you..."

Actor1,"- How are you in Freya, Ludwig?"
Actor2,"- Nice country, but the food is very similar to American rations."
Actor1,"- Hey, this IS a US ration. Not freyan food. The GIs left behind."
Actor2,"- Ops, sorry. I didn't know that..."
Actor1,"- Why we patrol around the countyside?"
Actor3,"- `cause, this is our job."
Actor1,"- But there are terrorist or something?"
Actor3,"- I don't think so. We just show our uniform to the civilians..."

Actor1,"- Hello Freya!"
Actor2,"- I told you Heinrich... Nice country."

Actor2,"- Hey Hans, why did you join the Army?"
Actor1,"- You know... the advertising..."
Actor2,"- Advertising?"
Actor1,"- Yeah: 'Kameradschaft kann man nicht kaufen'"
Actor2,"- You're fool... He-he-he."
Actor1,"- And you? Why did you join us? For glory?"
Actor2,"- Not at all. Just for fun."
Actor1,"- Fun?"
Actor2,"- You know, my parents are factory owner and they want see me in the factory's office."
Actor1,"- I want to be in your shoes!"
Actor2,"- Oh it's very bored. It's a bloody shoe factory..."

Actor1,"- How do you know Leutanent, the civilian will not attack us?"
Actor3,"- I don't know... I only hope it."
Actor1,"- Only hope...? Brrr... Keep watch!"
Actor3,"- They choose us, fool!"

Actor2,"- Nice birdsong, isn't it?"
Actor1,"- What??? Are you some bloody ornitologist?"

Actor3,"- Sgt Schwartz, check that tents!!!"
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